Very happy to get the required notes for Certificate and Diploma Examinations. If possible can you make the similar type for “Sangeetha Visarada” Examinations. Because this will be helpful for so many people who are going to give their exam in “English” medium. Thank you for your valuable information shared.

Pratyusha Hari

Hello Ma’am I am really greatful to you; for having put together the entire theory of the syllabus. I come from Pune, and being a non-telugu person, I was completely lost without any reading material for the exams……until I found your blog online. You have put together the entire material very concisely from a student perspective. … Continue reading Rajalakshmi Iyer

Rajalakshmi Iyer

This is a wonderful attempt of making the theory available on a single platform, in English. Congratulations on this great work, Mrs. Prasanna. I was searching for structured theory materials to be sent across the globe, to my students who learn music online. Chanced upon your blog and my search stopped:). Great work. Shall wait … Continue reading Vinaya Karthik Rao

Vinaya Karthik Rao

I just like to mention the good work you did in terms of compiling the notes. I am pursuing Sangeetha Visharada diploma course at Telugu university and completed 3 year.. Your blog helped me prepare the required notes for English medium.. Thanks again Prasanna garu for the great work you did! 🙏🏻

Sudha Gayathri

Music has been an essential part of my life. It has been a bridge across the the tough times of my life. I would like to channel my inner passion of music and portray it in a professional Manner. I have been trained in carnatic music for the past 10 years under the guidance of … Continue reading Sai Santhoshi

Sai Santhoshi

Dear Madam,I am a Student of Sri Thyagaraja Government College of Music & Dance… I Gave My Diploma – Carnatic Vocal Exam this Year and Passed with First Class… One of the Person who is Responsible for My Success in the Exam is —– YOU… While Hunting for Theory Notes – Points on the Internet, I … Continue reading Aparna Suraj

Aparna Suraj

Dear Ms.Prasanna, You have done a great service to students of Carnatic Classical Music through your blog. Keep up the good work and the devotion. May Goddess Saraswati bless your children !! Thank you, Visiting Faculty, Executive MBA Programme, Alliance University, Bangalore

Dr. Bharati Rao

 I’ve never been exposed to learning theory through out my music learning journey. And appearing for the exam which included all 4 years syllabus, was a scare for me. Fortunately my teacher sent me this website and I’m very confident about my exam now. All the syllabus is perfectly arranged and well explained. I can’t … Continue reading Manasvi Chervela

Manasvi Chervela

Hello mam, I don’t have words to express my gratitude towards you. I’m really very very thankful to you and your wonderful blog that you have created. Absolutely appreciate the effort you have put in to help so many students. I’m going to appear for my diploma exams this year and as I was browsing … Continue reading CS Harshavardhani

CS Harshavardhani

I am so happy and very thankful for this wonderful blog you have written . This is such a treasure for everyone. The information is very neat and understandable.Thank you

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