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Welcome to the website on Carnatic music theory made specifically for those appearing for exams in carnatic music.

As there aren’t enough resources providing subject matter for students appearing for these exams in English Medium, I happened to make this site after thorough understanding from various books.

My kids Medha Kommajosyula and Aniruddh Kommajosyula have been into music since the age of 5. With support from my husband Raghunath Kommajosyula and my kids, I could make this possible.

Having made this as a blog in Dec 2018 and later converted it into a website, it has helped my kids and many more students of music over years.

This site is created to help the students appearing for Carnatic Music exams i.e., Certificate and Diploma in Vocal/Veena/Violin/Nadaswaram/Flute from Govt. Music Colleges in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.