Swarajathis are musical compositions. They are learnt after geethams. They contain a Pallavi, Anupallavi and Charanam. They are similar to Varnams in structure. The charanams of swarajathi are set in different dhatus. The theme may be amorous, devotional or heroic. It may be on a deity or a regional hero.

It originated as a dance form with jathis.

‘Emaayalaadi’ in Huseni raga is a good example for the same.

Syama Sastry deleted the Jati element in it and made it purely a musical form. His swarajathis in Bhairavi, Todi, Yadukula Kambhoji are fine concert pieces and brilliant compositions.

Swarajathis are more musical and higher importance is given to melody than Jathiswaras.

Swarajathis are composed keeping in mind all the brilliant colours of raga wherese are Jathiswaras are composed with a rhythmical point of view for any dance form.

Prominent Composers:

Syama Sastry, Adi Appayyar, Sobhanadri, Swati Tirunal etc. have composed brilliant swarajathis.