• It is a janya of the 28th Melakarta HarikAmbOji.
  • Moorchana:
    • Arohana: S R2 M1 P N3 S
    • Avarohana: S N3 D2 P M1 G2 P M R2S.
  • Swarasthanas:
    • Apart from Shadja, Panchamams this raga has Chatushruti Rishabham, Antara Gandharam, Suddha Madhyamam, Chatushruti Daivatam, Kaisika Nishadam as other notes.
  • Surati is ‘ubhaya vakra shadava sampoorna’ raga.
  • Varjya ragam, as in Arohana ‘g’ is absent.
  • Raga Chhaya Swaras : r, m, n
  • Jiva Swaras: r, n
  • ‘d, g’ should be used sparingly.
  • Compositions in this raga start with notes: ‘s, r, m, p’
  • Subbarama Dikshitar classifies this as bhAShAnga raga and cites certain phrases in the higher octave where sAdhAraNa gAndhAra makes its appearance.
  • The beauty of suruTTi lies in long kArvais on the panchama, extended long kArvais on the niShAda and the nyAsa on the riShabha.
  • In Surati, the phrase ‘M G P M R’ becomes the hallmark of the raga.
  • Some of the other characteristic phrases of this raga are MPP,MR, DPMGPMR, SNDPNNS, NSRM,GR etc.
  • Visesha Prayogas: ‘pndns, mgpmr,s’, these are also Rakti Prayogas. These prayogas are also special in the sense they are actually a part of Arohana, Avarohana.
  • It is an ancient raga. It is considered an auspicious raga.
  • ‘Aadi NaaTa antya SuraTi’ is a popular saying which clearly states that SuraTi is sung towards the end of a concert, hence there are a number of mangaLam songs in this raga.
  • Tyagaraja has composed a few masterpieces in this raga among these are gItArthamu, bhajana parula and patiki hArati.
  • An astonishing blend of the best in music and the highest in esoteric poesy, gItArthamu is one of the Tiruvaiyyaru bard’s excellent compositions. The song says that Lord Anjaneya knew the true meaning of the Bhagavad Gita (as he was present on the flag atop Arjuna’s chariot and hence privy to the upadEsha given by Lord Krishna). Anjaneya was also considered to be an authority on music and hence Tyagaraja says that Anjaneya knew what sangItAnandamu (the joy from music) was.
  • Muttuswami Dikshitar’s most important song in suruTTi is angArakam, one of Navagraha kritis on the planet Mars. This song reveals the mastery and scholarship of Dikshitar.
  • Sancharam:
    • S r m p n, – n, d n ṡ, ṡ – n ṡ ṙ ṁ, ġ ṙ ṡ – n ṙ ṡ n ṡ n, d p – m n, d p, – m g m p, m g r, –  r m p ṡ n d – p m p m p n d – m p n d p m g m p r, – m g m s, m r, –
  • Popular Compositions:
VarnamEntho PremathoAdiTyagaraja
KritiRaamachandra nee dayaAdiTyagaraja
Navagraha KritiAngaarakam aasrayaamiRupakaMuthuswamy Dikshitar
JaavaliMariyaadaRupakaPatnam SubrahmanyamIyer
Mangala HarathiPatiki haarathiAdiTyagaraja
Mangala HarathiMaakulamunakihaAdiTyagaraja